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TradePapers is your personal App to scan, store, send and manage all of your trade documents. Take high quality, high resolution scans of your tickets, licences, qualifications or any other important document and have them available to you anytime to share, with anyone you want. You will receive regular reminders of documents that are about to expire so you can make sure you are always compliant. You can even store general reminders where you don’t have any actual documents like site inductions or permits. That way you can still maintain them, stay up to date and be prompted to renew them before they expire.
KEY FEATURES• Scan high quality images of your documents straight from your phone• Super-fast high resolution images with edge detection• Store multiple images for each document• Store them in the cloud within the App for easy access, whenever you want• Have the important details available to you immediately• Share as many documents as you want with anyone you want directly from your smartphone• Keep track of everyone you have shared your documents with• Sign in with LinkedIn or Facebook
ImagesTradePapers uses the latest in fast edge detection technology to take high quality scans using your smartphone’s camera of your trade documents and stores them within the App. You can rotate and adjust the brightness to ensure the image is readable for whoever you choose to share them with.
Sharing documentsWith the TradePapers App, you can select as many documents as you want and share them from directly within the App. Send them via email while you’re on the go, stuck in the middle of nowhere, or just need to share them quickly. No more need to have access to a PC or laptop! You don’t even need to open your email, you can do it all from within the TradePapers App.
Cloud storageAll of your documents are scanned and kept within the App’s cloud storage area so you won’t ever have the need to worry about where your documents are, or have another drive to store them on. It’s all done for you! Even if you lost your phone, your document record is safe and secure, just access the TradePapers App again, and all of your documents will be still be there. You don’t need your PC/Laptop or USB again to access your documents, manage them all from your phone with the TradePapers App.
Stay up to dateHave all of the important details of your trade documents at your fingertips for whenever you need them such as the ID numbers and expiry dates. Receive regular reminders of when your important documents are due to expire with pop up notifications so can renew them before they expire and remain compliant.
How it will make your life easier• Share your documents with your training provider so they know what you have• Stay compliant and renew your expiring documents well before they expire
• Get reminders and self-manage your expiring documents – no more need to rely on anyone else
• Share them with potential future employers quickly and while on the move without having to rely on anyone else
• Get rid of the USB and don’t worry about losing your documents again.
• Keep inductions and medical details in the App so you can show them to current employers of your compliance
• Are you a Contractor? Have all of your insurance details in the App so you can share with customers
Wherever you have the need to manage your documents to apply your trade, the TradePapers App will make your life so much easier.
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